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Daycare Portraits

It’s that time again of the year and you just got a notice from your child’s preschool about the upcoming photo day. Here are a few things that you can do before you send them off to have their year documented:

1. Make a note on your calendar

My girl has always been the independent one. She wanted to do everything by herself, she’d get dressed, brushed her hair and even tie them up herself when she was younger. One time I forgot about this and she came home with a picture of her with hair that looks like a mop ;D  I still love the photo nevertheless, it shows her independence. However if you’d like to prepare better, don’t forget to mark your calendar.

preschool (4)

2. Clothing

Stay away from big print (image/text) that takes away the focus from your child’s beautiful smile. Something comfortable – if it is possible choose their favourite clothing so it can get documented too. They grow up way too fast at this stage and before you blink those cute outfits would have been too small already.

preschool (3)

For sibling photos:

If you can, try to coordinate the colours.



3. Practise smiling for the camera

This is the one thing that you DON’T need to do at all. I love capturing the most natural smile.. so you don’t need to worry about this one. Leave that to the photographer :)

If your child misses the photo day, find out if there is a makeup day from your preschool. I always have another day set up for those who can’t attend on the day.

preschool (1)


Not too hard right? Hope you get the photo that you’ll treasure forever!

Have you checked out the Dreamworks exhibition at Te Papa? We took the kids there last weekend and we had a great time. We learnt a lot about the making of animation which looks like a lot of hard work. The details that they created were unbelievable.

dreamworks (1)dreamworks (6)Check out this animator’s desk. This is actually quite impressive.. those papers are actually blank, the drawings were projected to the papers

dreamworks (2)dreamworks (8)

This has got to be my favourite movie opening:

dreamworks (3)dreamworks (7)

At the end of the exhibition there is a place where we can try to make our own animation. Loved trying this tablet out!

dreamworks (4)

So glad for another change to do a portrait fundraiser for this amazing organisation! Nice to see new families and some familiar faces this year. The weather was perfect and I had a blast capturing these lovely people. Thank you all for coming and supporting Bellyful!

bellyful2015 (20)

bellyful2015 (3)bellyful2015 (2)bellyful2015 (1)bellyful2015 (17)bellyful2015 (18)bellyful2015 (19)bellyful2015bellyful2015 (16)bellyful2015 (15)bellyful2015 (14)bellyful2015 (12)bellyful2015 (11)bellyful2015 (10)bellyful2015 (8)bellyful2015 (7)bellyfulBellyful Portrait Fundraiser

Until next year!

Have I told you how much I love the month of December?

This Christmas my kids are 10 and 7.  One of the things that we always do in December is reading as many Christmas books. As they get older their reading preference change. However according to my kids, they still love the following books :

Olive the Other Reindeer

Olive, a dog, hears the song: “Olive, the other reindeer” and thinks he’s another reindeer. A very funny and entertaining Christmas book!

Snowmen at Christmas

Have you ever wondered how snowmen spend their Christmas? Well, here’s your chance to find out!

The Bear stays up for Christmas

The Bear always sleeps through Christmas. But this year, his friends are determined to keep him awake.

‘Twas the Night before Christmas

A great Christmas Classic.

Olivia helps with Christmas

Olivia is excited for Christmas and tries to help with all the preparation. What will her mother say about a few burnt cookies?

How Santa got his job

Find out the tale of Santa and how he got his current job.


Have you got other favourites?


So happy that I got to photograph this beautiful baby!  It was one of those beautiful sunny day, when spring has just arrived. Love this time of the year! We spent some time at a local park and the whole time she’s just doing so well and giving me her bestest smile!
baby13baby15baby photography

And of course we also need some serious face :) baby 01

And a picture with this awesome big sister!

baby 14